Thursday, July 11, 2013


If at first you don't succeed, try, try again....

We aren't too disappointed about a failed cycle of Clomid, as it is our first one, and we are still waiting on blood work results to see if it even worked. That's not to say I wasn't sad when I realized we weren't pregnant.

So the game plan now is to take a break this month from the Clomid as I'll be gone during the vital days. I really didn't have many side effects from the Clomid, I might have gotten a little crazy a few times, but nothing Steven couldn't handle, and there were a million hot flashes. And I really feel like the Clomid made me ovulate because boy did my ovaries hurt. And now that we aren't pregnant these cramps are by far the worse cramps I've ever experienced, and there have been some pretty bad ones. If my sister weren't visiting and if my birthday hadn't have been yesterday I would have likely spent the whole week in bed with my heating pad and begged my doctor for something way stronger than Naproxen. But my sister is here, and my birthday was yesterday!

Speaking of my birthday, I got some pictures of J this week. He has gotten so big, and I just cannot believe he's going to be 5 in a few months. Steven looked at his picture and said he looks just like me. It really made me happy to hear. His mother also told me they are going to start the process to adopt again, this time they're going to foster and then adopt. She said the boys are so excited to have siblings and ask all the time when they'll join the family.

It was also really special to spend my birthday with my sister. I cannot remember the last time I got to spend it with her. For the last few years we've never been in town, and she's spending a few weeks here. I went to Olive Garden with some new friends for lunch. I had another new friend make me a cake, it was heavenly! Then Steven was able to get off work early and we went to Outback. I got sung to at Olive Garden and Outback. Today I went to Starbucks for my free drink because I just did not have time yesterday. This weekend Steven is suppose to take me to The Melting Pot.

And hopefully the weekend brings sunshine, because I'm SO sick of all this rain!!!