Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I feel so utterly betrayed. Like the family I placed with was telling me what I wanted to hear just to get my baby and now that they have him and it's final they don't have to do what they said.

They have recently taken me off their facebook accounts, and as June fastly approaches I'm starting to doubt I'll get my second update.

About a month after the birth they wrote me an email telling me they were cutting out communication.

A little background - they have been friends of mine for 3 years now. We have over 150 friends in common on facebook and got pretty close throughout my pregnancy.

I was up for hours last night worrying about whether I was going to get it and why they have decided to all of a sudden delete me and all sorts of other things.

I was going to leave her a nice email on Mother's Day but said to hell with that when I noticed they had deleted me from facebook. And she didn't even acknowledge me.

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Anonymous said...

I am so sorry this has happened.
This is truly another example why open adoption agreements need to be legally binding.
I can relate to the friendship that grew during your pregnancy. J and I grew quiet close and then after PooWee was born I sensed I was now nothing to her. She had gotten what she baby.
I sure hope she will send you an update as she said she would.