Friday, September 17, 2010

Scholarships for Birthmoms

Just something I came across today on another Birthmom's site - it's a scholarship program for Birthmother's, which I think is a totally great idea!!! Especially for the younger girls who got pregnant in high school, or earlier, and wants to further their education later. And who better to give the scholarship than someone who knows exactly what they've been through. I mean, it's great.

It's a non-profit organization, if you donate and want, you can have your name and a link to your website on their website! It was started by a Birthmom. So it's a great idea! Please look into it, and think about donating!

They ask for donations, and I am all about helping them out. Every little bit can help. And you can donate here. They also have a Facebook and a website!


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