Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 11 of the challenge

Day 11 — Write a letter to: A Deceased person you wish you could talk to

Gramps & Me
Momee and Me
Gramps, Me, Momee
Gramps, Sweetie, Me, Mom, Momee
My great-grandfather (Gramps) - I'd love to hug him and spend time with him. I'd like to think he's proud of me, even though, I've not done half the things I wanted to, yet. He died on Halloween 2005. I graduated with my Associates degree in education in the summer of 2006, and I wasn't going to go to graduation, and walk, but once he passed, I knew it was something I needed to do. I did it for him. On my wedding day, which just happened to be the anniversary of his death, which I didn't realize until after the fact, we had a candle lit for him and my great-grandmother. I wanted him to be apart of my wedding day, and I think he was in more ways than I had realized because of the date of our wedding. I still remember the last thing we talked about, he was 99 years old, he'd lived in a different time, and I think he worked on a farm, or did some sort of farming/gardening, because he asked me to help him plant corn. He was in a nursing home, but we had 24 hr nurses with him, and the gentlemen who was with him that day knew a little something about planting, and said you need a harvest moon, or he thought you needed a harvest moon. Well, shortly after that conversation, and shortly before his passing, I was driving to a friend's house, and low and behold, there was a harvest moon, in front of me, it was SO big, and bright, and I will always remember that night. Gramps passed a month and 1 day short of his 100th birthday. If he were here today, he'd be 105. I still have his phone number in my phone, and I've had 4 or 5 phones since he passed, and a new number, but I like seeing his name every now and then. I've never called the number, I probably never will, but I just can't bring myself to remove it. I think if he were here today, I'd ask him if he were proud of me, even though, I know his answer would be yes, no matter what I do. I am really sad he'll never meet his great-great grandchildren, but he'll watch over us from Heaven. Because I know he's up there with Momee (my great-grandmother) looking after us all. And I know Sweetie (my grandmother) is up there too.
(This totally wasn't a letter, oh well, bahahaha)

Tell me: A song from your favorite band
this song is fitting, since my husband is's kind of our song....

I want to know: A story from your childhood.
Oh gosh, a story from my childhood...let's see, I am going to go with my love for New Kids on the Block, and my grandmother feeding my addiction. My grandmother bought me everything NKOTB related, I had bed sheets, beach towels, backpacks, pencil bag, pencil sharpener, the Pins, ALL the dolls, every VHS with their music videos on them, the cassette tapes. My mother told me years later, when NSYNC came out that I was NOT to tell my grandmother that I liked them. 

Tell me What’s in your makeup bag?
Too much make up, that I don't wear! Ha!