Monday, July 11, 2011

My Birthday

It wasn't my 1st birthday without the hubby, he missed the first birthday I had while dating. It was in 09, I turned 24, and he left for Oklahoma a few short days before. And now, here we are 2 years later, except he's in Afghanistan.

It was a weird day yesterday. I had an off day, kept messing things up, forgetting things, and just not having things go my way.

Until dinner and even there I almost left my debit card at the restaurant. 15 of us got together for dinner at the Outback Steakhouse. It was AMAZING!!! New friends were there and old friends, and a few of my favorite children. Plus a huge chocolate cake from Costco. Which I think there should be some law against buying your own bday cake LOL

I got my nails done and then went to the mall and got my hair done, and my free bday drink from Starbucks!

When I got home from dinner I got on fb and the hubby was on and I got to Skype with him. It made my bday so much better. I hadn't heard from him all day and I was getting a little annoyed and anxious.

I got some really awesome gifts, which I was not expecting and that made my day! I will post some pictures when I get them.

I also met my great grand sis mom, in my sorority we had sis moms, not big sis/lil sis, its hard to explain. But Merce was my sis mom, MiMi was her's, and then Kathy was her's. And I met Kathy last night. She just moved to Hawaii. She had graduated the semester before I pledged, so we missed one another.

I am so blessed to have so many wonderful friends!

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