Saturday, January 14, 2012

Christmas trip 2011

So much for thinking the new blog design would help me update more often. Whoops.

I guess I could go back in time, to my trip home. Especially since I didn’t even write about it at all here.

It was great. Better than I thought it would be. And much needed.

I hated being there without my husband, but it was nice to not spend Christmas alone, even though I wouldn’t have been alone in Hawaii.

I spent a lot of time traveling on my trip. I think I put at least 2000 miles on a car. I drove from Atlanta, to Dahlonega, to Chattanooga, to Nashville, back to Chattanooga, back to Dahlonega and then back to Atlanta. Driving places in between at each stop.

The first stop was Atlanta, to stay the night with my grandfather. He took me to dinner at the Country Club, and my Aunt and Uncle joined us. It was nice, it felt like old times, spending the night, that is. If my grandmother had still be living it would have been exactly like old times. But she’s been gone 2 years now, and Granddad and I talked about her, and shared memories. It was nice. He misses her so much. I hope that my husband and I have that kind of love. They were married for 50 years.

Then I drove up to Dahlonega and spent a few days with the husband’s family. It was nice to see his mom and dad, and grandparents. I got to meet his great-grandmother as well. I spent some time with his cousins and Aunts and Uncles, and even went to dinner with his friend. It was really nice.

Then I drove up to Chattanooga to spend time with my family and friends. I took my mom and sister to dinner with my best friend and her daughter, of course we went to my favorite Chinese restaurant, Formosa! Then I helped Emily with her daughter, it was so nice spending so much time with Emily. It was just like old times. Emily and I drove up to Nashville for the day, to have lunch with my father. It was nice. We were going to see the hotel all decorated for Christmas, but it was $18 to park, we said no way, plus the parking lot is far away from the hotel and it was raining, and we had no umbrella, and her 2 year old.

I spent a lot of time with my sister too. I spent Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Night at my mom’s house. We drove to Atlanta for Christmas with my grandfather and his sister and her husband. Mom and I made Chicken Divan and Rice, and my Uncle brought Costco Apple Pie for desert! We went back home that evening, and I took my sister to see Breaking Dawn, for my 3rd time. The night before, I took mom and my sister to see Sherlock Holmes.

I went back to Dahlonega to spend more time with the husband’s family. And then I went down to Atlanta to spend the night with my grandfather and have dinner with him and my Aunt and Uncle again.

The next day I was flying back to Hawaii. On my way to the airport, I got a text and then a call that my flight was cancelled. Due to airplane maintenance. So when I got there, I went to the ticket counter, waiting in line, and finally calling the airline, they weren’t going to be able to put me on a plane until later that evening. I was told her that was not an option. So she called Delta, and got me a non-stop flight, only kicker, I had less than an hour to get checked in and board. I got a confirmation number, and went over to Delta, which of course was in the opposite terminal. When I got there, the conformation number wasn’t working. So I got in line, again. The guy told me he didn’t know if he could get me on the plane. I was like, wtf, I want on this plane, and the lady I talked to said I was…anyways, he got me on, and I didn’t have to pay to check my bags!

I ended up getting 2 meals and 1 snack out of the flight, and I think we will only fly Delta non-stop from here on out. And I also ended up getting into Hawaii close to 2 hours ahead of time!

New Years Eve was spent with good friends, eating good food, drinking good wine/champagne, and watching fireworks!

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