Sunday, June 13, 2010

I won a gift card, and this is what I got - finally posting this, ha

About a month ago I guess, I entered a giveaway for a gift card for hand stamped jewelry from Nelle & Lizzy. I have been wanting a necklace for MONTHS and just couldn't justify spending a lot of money, so I thought, what the heck, $50 bucks towards a necklace will take a good chunk outta the price...

I had joked with Robin, who hosted the giveaway, on twitter the day she was suppose to draw about how since I hadn't heard from her I hadn't won, but she hadn't drawn yet. So a few hours later she posted on twitter that I won, and how funny it was that I had just asked and then she drew my number/name!

Anyways, so I had been looking at the jewelry site since I entered, trying to figure out what I wanted, so when I got the email from the site that I won and to call to place my order I just had to wait til we got paid to make my purchase because, even though I had $50 it was still gonna cost me some money, but not as much if I had bought it out right!

So I think Friday I got my package by UPS, and I looked at the hubs and was like, are you expecting anything, because I don't think I am, because I was expecting this to take a whole lot longer! So I was VERY surprised when I looked at the package and it was for ME!

This little Thank You card was in it, and it was wraped in a very pretty lavender colored tissue paper

Then this is the box w/ a cute Nelle & Lizzy ribbon, so cute!
I think I had read on Robin's blog about this give away that they pack it in fresh lavender, but I was still supre excited when I opened the box and it smelled heavenly!!

I picked this super cute heart w/ our last name on it, and the first birthstone charm is January, and then the other one is July. I have the site bookmarked, so when we have babies we can add their birth stones! I haven't taken it off since I got it!