Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Meal, Boxes, Gifts, and Sickness

I had not realized it had been so long since I updated, geez, but I have a good excuse...I've been sick since Thursday (Dec. 16) with a stomach bug from hell. And I thought I was better, but I just don't know. We'll find out. Hubby said it could last 3 weeks, I hope not. I'm suppose to be baby sitting this week and next week, and I had to cancel this week, as I was so sick, and I didn't want to get him sick. I'm hoping to be 100% better by Christmas. I have a big meal planned for Christmas, and if I can't eat it, then I'll be sad, and there certainly isn't any reason to make it if neither of us can enjoy it.

The hubby has had to go to work even though he's been sick, but I haven't left the house for more than a few minutes since I got sick. He is in charge of the salute battery for a funereal service at the end of the month, so he's had meetings and practice. This will be a huge honor, and be a great addition to his resume! It is kind of sad because it means someone died, but this was an older gentlemen, who had been sick for a while. He is being laid to rest at Punchbowl, which the hubby told me is like the Arlington of the Pacific. The hubby wasn't sure if he'd have to do this, but then they found out his wife is placed there, so that sealed the deal.

So today, I knew that if we didn't get to the commissary then we wouldn't have food for Christmas. So we went, and I wanted to make The Pioneer Woman's Sweet Potatoes, but guess what, the commissary was OUT of sweet potatoes, they had a TON of regular baking potatoes, but NO sweet potatoes, apparently everyone bought them this morning. I was quite sad, those sweet potatoes are SO good, I'm going to look tomorrow, or just go to a different grocery store, which we'll end up paying an arm and a leg, but I think it'll be worth it for these sweet potatoes! I will have to look, I'm sure we'll have enough food without them, but I wanted them for Thanksgiving, but didn't do them, and thought they'd be great for Christmas. I found a recipe for a slow cooker ham, I bought a very tiny one, since I'll be the only one eating it, but it has a cherry glaze on it, and I'm kinda excited. Steven found a Cornish Hen, which we're probably dumb, but thought it'd be the same as a chicken, so we'll see. I have no idea what to do with it, but I'm sure I will find something. If not we have chicken nuggets, lol....I'm gonna make the staple green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, and have suckatash, which has become a tradition at big meals!

I finally got my besties gift box out in the mail on Saturday. I know she doesn't care that it won't be there by Christmas, but I DO...I just had to wait and make sure I had the perfect things in it. And I wish I had done more, but I know she will LOVE everything. Her box for me is under our tree, as she asked me to wait til Christmas Eve, and even though she told me when I was sick I could open it sooner, I'm going to wait. I want something to open on Christmas, since I had my crock pot given to me early...

The hubby thought he was slick, and so I'm getting something else for Christmas, I told him not to get it for me, since we're trying to be on a budget, but he took his Christmas money from my grandfather and bought me something small from Kay's, I have no idea what it is, and I wouldn't even know about it, if we hadn't have used his car the other day, as he left the bag on the passenger seat, I know that whatever it is I will love, and there is also another surprise down in my stocking, so that is fun. He has his gift already, and he uses it every night, it's a wi-fi music player thing, it can pull music off any device in our home via the wi-fi connection and play it. It's pretty neat.