Friday, May 11, 2012

Birthmother’s Day

Saturday (May 12) is Birthmother’s Day. I got an e-card from the Adoptive parents today. Through Bethany, which is a Christina Adoption Agency. It’s the one Catelynn and Tyler used on 16&Pregnant and Teen Mom. The video is of Adoptive Parents and Adoptee’s sharing how they feel about the Birthmother. There are 3 videos, one from Adoptees, one from Adoptive Parents and one from Families – you can view them here. They’re just a nice way to let the Birthmother in your life know how you feel about her, and how much you appreciate her and her choice.

So don’t forget us Birthmom’s…just because we aren’t parenting, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be recognized as mother’s. As we made the ultimate sacrifice for our children. And that, in my mind, makes me a wonderful mother.