Sunday, April 5, 2009


Things are going pretty well. I'm having more good days than bad days. Finally - but I'm sure I will always have bad days. Hopefully the good days will out number the bad days.

I have a new boyfriend. He lives 3 hours away and is in the Army. He's definitely the best ever. Totally different than the one I was dating before him, who I've not talked to in a long long time, thankfully. He decided someone who wasn't in his life was more deserving of him than I was, and for that I'm grateful. I was thinking of ditching him anyways, since he lied to me all the time. Steven in the new boyfriend, and he's going to Officer Basic in about a month and then Oklahoma in July and then he's off to Hawaii in December. He's for sure the sweetest boyfriend I've had in a long time and for that I'm grateful.

The adoption has been very hard on me, but I found someone who makes living bearable. And I found someone who would be super excited if/when my son comes back in my life!!!!!!