My Story

This is my journey to becoming a birthmom

I found out I was pregnant in March/April of 2008. I delivered a healthy baby boy on Dec. 10, 2008. I signed the adoption papers on Dec. 11, 2008 in the hospital. Hearing your child cry for the first time is overwhelming and wonderful. It brought tears to the eyes of myself, my father and his adoptive mother who were in the O.R. when he was born! He spent the whole time in the hospital with his adoptive mom, and I got to see him twice before he was released from the hospital the day after he was born. Spending the night in the hospital knowing your baby boy is not in the same building with you was the hardest thing for me, I think much harder than leaving the hospital without him. Saying good-bye to him was also pretty hard. There are pictures of us from the last time I saw him in person, and my face is red and puffy from crying so hard!

About a month after he was born I got super depressed and suicidal  my doctor sent me to a psych. hospital for a little over a week to try to get my meds straightened out and to help me learn how to cope with my grief and loss. It helped me so much and I learned so much!

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