Sunday, December 26, 2010

Gift Exchange with the BESTIE

So for Christmas this year, Mel and I decided to fill a big box full of things that we thought one another would like, or that reminded us of the other. My box got here on Monday, because unlike me, she's not a procrastinator. Luckily, her's got to her on Christmas Eve, so it all worked out....I am going to show you what I got, and this is just a thank you post, as well. Although, words can't express how grateful I was to receive so many wonderful things from her. She really went above and beyond in the friend department :)

This is the outside of the box, I think I have the same stickers, which happens a lot with Mel and me, since we shop at the SAME place for most of our stickers ;) 
Looking inside, before I started opening things :) She says she wraps like a 5 year old, but I think she did a great job :)

ignore the receipt, lol
Lip Smackers and candy, I think I died and went to heaven ;)

Tinkerbell Stationery and like a thousand + stickers, I only took this picture, it doesn't do justice to all the stickers she put in there, but I figured I wouldn't bore you with thousands of pictures HA!

This book is so cute, hubby called it a coffee table book, and it would go on ours, if we had one ;) It has pictures of animals and some parts are just too funny..I think anyone who is prone to have blue days (i.e. everyone) should have this book....

LOTS of note cards and a list pad and notebook and a note pad, all very pretty!!

8 Nail Polishes, all different colors, all beautiful, my basket of nail polishes is now almost over flowing, I might need a new one, ha! I used that light pink and I think the pink in the left corner on my toes, but it might be the one next to the light pink, I can't really tell from the picture, ha!

Tinkerbell things from Disney, the key chain is on my keys already, and the I'm going to put that pin on my purse, the mints aren't that great tasting, but I love the tin, and will find some use for it, I think my business cards would fit perfectly in there!

A tote bag from Disney with this really pretty pattern, it is a good size, and would be perfect for a towel and sunscreen for the beach, but I think I might just use it as a purse!!

Mel and I have an obession with Holly Madison, I got her 6 pairs of her knee high socks for her box, and she got me this best friends candy necklace, and then of course, some pens so I can write her on those sweet note cards ;)

Coloring books, which are just super cute!! 

And my FAVORITE thing from the box....are ya'll ready for this, I don't think you are....
Tinkerbell PJ's - I put them on as soon as I opened them, and I haven't taken them off (except I just did since we're about to leave, ha)

I mean to tell ya that I have the bestest friend in the world!!!! The box I sent looks pitiful compared to the one she sent me...But she loved it and that is ALL that matters to me!!!!!

Thanks SO much Mel for my awesome stuff, you ROCK, I just wrote you a letter, it will go in the mail tomorrow, with our Christmas Cards (New Years Cards really, lol, and once people start to get them, I'll post about them, they're the free ones I got from