Thursday, November 10, 2011


Have ya’ll watched Awkward.? It’s that new MTV show.

My friends think I’m like Sadie, “every high school has one: the rich, popular bitch. But unlike every other mean girl stereotype, Sadie's got some cushion for the pushin'... which means there's more to love -- or in her case, hate.”

Now, before you think, gosh how horrible, they think you’re fat like her, that’s not it at all…they just think I sound like her when I say some things.

I try not to be as mean, but sometimes it comes out way wrong. And I don’t think they think I’m mean, it’s just mannerisms and what have you.

Let me know if you agree with them…

I’d think I’d be more like Jenna, since I blog, but I’m such a horrible blogger, who knows…