Friday, October 23, 2009

8 Days

I can not believe I'm getting married a week from tomorrow.

I always dreamed I would one day get married. But then I got pregnant, and wasn't with the father of my child. So I did what I thought was best, and placed my child with a loving, caring family. After that my dream to get married died. But I met this great guy and all those dreams came back! And now,  in just 8 days my dream will become a reality!

I never in my life thought I'd find a guy like Steven. He's all I've ever wanted in a man, and SO much more! There are really no words to tell ya'll how much this man truly means to me.

God has blessed me so much. I could never repay Him for all he's blessed me with. I'm just so grateful!

I'd like to say Thank you! To God, and my family and friends, and my son's family.

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Liz Harrell said...

Good luck to you both!