Monday, October 19, 2009

Engagement Photos

Steven's buddy here in Fort Sill was so kind to take some pics of us...he's by no means a professional, and he used my Kodak EasyShare C743, which is by no means a professionals camera. We found this really cute little church on Post and the sun was just right. The wind however, was powerful and I definitely had a Marylin Monroe moment...I'm very glad his friend was looking away, he could have gotten an eyeful! We weren't very creative and we only took 10 pics, but I think we got the job done!
This has to be my favorite.

I told ya the wind was blowing just look at my hair flying, haha

I look kinda retarded but I was trying to keep my skirt down..I didn't think about the Oklahoma wind before I chose my outfit! haha
I am cracking up because my hair was falling in my face and wouldn't stay behind my ear, and he refused to kiss me since he was in uniform...and I'm sorry about the blinding white legs....ew
This is the one I gave to our mother's for our local papers...

It is so weird to think that our wedding is only 12 days away....there is still so much to do...

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