Thursday, October 1, 2009


OMG I'm such a slacker....not only have I slacked off on my online blog, but I've slacked on my journal to my son.

So much has happened! I'm extremely lucky and blessed and just wish I were better at this whole blog thing.

So the original wedding date was Nov. 14 2009, however - the Army is not giving Steven any extra leave, so when he does get back to Georgia he'll only have 14 1/2 days of leave. Not including travel days of course...So we moved it up to Oct. 31 - Halloween! Someone asked me yesterday if we were doing a themed wedding...uhhhh NO WAY....not my style at all...

We scaled down A LOT...only having 1 attendant each, his best friend and my half sister. We had 5 plus my half sister was a junior bridesmaid, but since my original MOH couldn't make it on Oct. 31 we decided to not have attendants, but then my mother was afraid my sister's feelings would be hurt if she weren't in it, so we decided to do a MOH and Best Man, so my sister is going to be the MOH...we're just going to skip on the flower girl and ring bearer.

I want to do the sand ceremony, so I need to look more into that and into getting stuff for it. And I've been meaning to talk to Steven, but I mentioned to his preacher that I want to do Communion also.

Steven is suppose to order our invites tonight or tomorrow....I'm using this site and I was going to make the pocket fold card part myself, but since we don't have that much time left we ordering the Easy-Order Kits - which comes with the pocket fold, invite mat, invite paper, inserts, RSVP envelopes if you want, and mailing envelopes...We got them in my colors, the pocket folds are Clover green, the invite mat is Watermelon pink, and the inserts are Snow White and the mailing envelopes are Watermelon pink! I made the invite on Photo Shop CS4, along with a directions insert since most guests on my side are from out of town. I made the invite and directions insert the size I wanted it in inches on Photo Shop CS4 and put a border around them so I could easily cut them out!!!!

I eventually made it back to Tennessee from Oklahoma - Sept 13...Steven drove me to Oklahoma City, I flew to Chicago O'Hare, it was RAINING so bad that my flight into O'Hare was late and I had 2 connectors to catch...luckily the gate attendant was super helpful and exchanged my 2 connections for a direct flight from O'Hare to Atlanta...granted it was a later flight and I had a 3+ hour lay over...but I didn't mind. However, Steven didn't have a great commute back. It had been raining all weekend, and it started raining pretty hard, and so he slowed down, and ended up hydroplaning. Luckily he wasn't hurt, and nobody else was hurt. Today is Oct. 2 and the insurance company is just not calling to tell him that the car is totalled. I can understand not knowing right after, and having to get the car apart, but this is like 3 weeks later...what was the car guy doing with his car for so long? Or what was the insurance company doing for 3 weeks? Anyways...this is pretty long, so I will continue this story later. Which will give me motivation to blog!

Love ya'll!

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