Friday, October 16, 2009


So I figured I'd post a How I did it blog on the invites! It was so easy, but time consuming and a little more expensive then I originally thought, but since we were running short on time, we did the DIY kit! I got the kits from this awesome site - Cards & Pockets, we used the Perfetto Pocketfold!

The kit includes the Pocketfold, Card stock for the invites and inserts, Invite Mat and mailing can get RSVP envelopes for extra, but we aren't doing RSVP since it is 2 weeks away...
This is my set up - I went ahead and put the address and return address labels on the envelopes! I think here I am printing the directions page - I had to feed the printer one page at a was a long drawn out process....
It took me a minute to figure out how to get 2 direction inserts per card stock but I did it - getting 2 invites per page was just not going to work - and so I had to do 2 inserts per page in order to get more - and I even used a couple of the pages where they had messed up - but there was still some good space - haha

Here are all the pages I messed up - some of them got reused - I'm frugal...and didn't want to run out of paper or inserts! haha

Here is the invitation cut out - i trimmed it more and got rid of that green border...I made this and the direction  layout on PS CS4 - I got the font off of a font website and the brushes off of a brush website - which ones I have NO idea... but if you google I'm sure you can find many sites to get these things!

Here are the Pocketfolds w/ the invite mats and the stickers I used to seal the Pocketfolds & envelopes because I couldn't get some of them to seal..I was going to get some tape, but luckily got them all sealed! PHEW...

This is what the inside looks like - the colors are Watermelon (pink) and Clover (green) - the site matched perfectly with the David's Bridal colors in the same name!

Here it is sealed and ready for the envelope!

And lastly the finished product - See the lovely American Flag stamp - NEVER send a man to get stamps for wedding invitations with out being specific in what kind of stamps you want...but I guess as he pointed out - he wanted a touch of 'him' on the invite - so we're paying tribute to his service in the Army...oh and the return address labels have a bride & groom on them, they're headless...didn't notice that til after I had printed out 2 pages of them! hahaha

(please excuse my pale white legs...those should become tanned and pretty once we are moved and settled in Hawaii for some time! Sorry to blind ya'll)

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Emily Grace :) said...

those are so cute! good tutorial :D:D