Monday, October 26, 2009

The countdown begins!

So, These are my wedding shoes! I'm very excited! Not only did I not spend a DIME on new shoes for my wedding, they MATCH perfectly with my colors! I was pretty bummed that my sister didn't want to wear pink, and is now wearing navy, but it looks good with my green and pink, so I'm not to upset. But Since we are very low on cash, I thought I'd use a pair of shoes I already had. I saw these at Payless about 8 months ago, and just HAD to get them. Not only are they my favorite color but they are super cute, and were on SALE! How could you said no? You just can't.

Well, I posted a picture on Facebook and of course my mother had to say something. But it's my wedding and I'll wear what shoes I want to wear! White shoes are so boring anyways! Granted I'm sure I'll want to take these off half way through, I'll push through the pain! Haha! I had a lot of positive feedback on Facebook about it, and Mom finally came around!

We went and bought our rings yesterday. Since he totalled his car, the insurance company bought it from him, and the money came just in time for us to get rings. We were going to only buy him a wedding band, and just use the engagement ring in the ceremony and wait to get my band. But he wanted to go ahead and get it for me! It matches the engagement ring GREAT! And his is Tungsten, it's the strongest medal that they make rings out of. I got the idea from my BFF who bought her hubby in the Army a Tungsten ring, and it wasn't really expensive. So I figured since he'll be going to Afganastan and Iraq at one point, and he's a man, I thought a strong metal would be the best one for him. And he likes isn't too big, we'll have to send it off to get sized, but since we're getting married next Saturday we weren't able to do it just yet, so we're going to do it after the wedding. I might just send the reciept with him to Hawaii and have him do it there, since it takes about 2 weeks to get it in. And I'm sure there is a Kay's in Hawaii. At least I hope order to keep my rings in warrenty I have to get them inspected every 6 months...

We are going to Hobby Lobby to look at cake toppers and the stuff for the sand ceremony. We were going to use flowers on top of the cake, but there was a huge miscommunication with that, and there aren't any extra flowers. If we don't find one we like I'm going to call the lady doing the cake and see if she'll just add dots to the top, to match the rest of the cake!

The flowers look great! His mom's best friend did them and she did a great job! We used silk flowers, and I'm so happy with the way they turned out. Gerbera Daisies and Orchids!
These are my flowers! (that's her son holding them so I could get a better look at the shape, haha..)

It has been very hard planning a wedding from Oklahoma, but I think everything is coming together!


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