Tuesday, March 2, 2010

When Friends Visit

So Steven's friend, Josh, is here visiting for a week! And it started out kinda lame. I'm sure everyone knows about the Tsunami warning that we had because of the Earthquake in Chile. It was his first full day here, and he woke up to not being able to do anything, and the possibility that Hawaii would be swept away. Actually, all kidding aside. It was serious and we did not take it lightly. Now we are laughing it off and joking about it. And we are so grateful that it wasn't anything major! God was really looking out for the people of Hawaii!

SO after the warning was lifted, I wouldn't let us go right away, I was still worried. So we waited a few hours, and went to a beach. I'm not sure which one, but there weren't that many people, and the water was pretty calm close to shore, but the waves were pretty rough farther out! I wasn't feeling like swimming, so the boys did. After the beach Josh wanted to go to the Swap Meet at Aloha Stadium. Steven and I hadn't been yet, and so we went. We stopped at this sunglass tent, and we found these UGLY things! WHO wears them! Seriously, I wouldn't be caught dead in them. But we got Steven to try them on!

It was amazing to see after the Tsunami warning, resembles the promise God made us, and how He is in control! AMAZING!

We went to the North Shore today to see the waves, they were HUGE - there was a sea turtle just hanging out and then a big wave washed up on shore and took him back out to sea!

This is at Sunset Beach, the waves were wicked huge, and we weren't able to swim but we sat and soaked up some sun for about an hour!

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