Monday, October 11, 2010

Oops, again

So a friend, yes Jasmine we're still friends, brought up some good points on Facebook about my last post that I must have not written....and so I want to clarify...

First, I'm an advocate for open adoption, if I know of someone leaning toward adoption I try and get them to take the open adoption route. So I don't think its wrong that Catelynn and Tyler get to see or want to see their daughter. Its just very hard on me to see people with their birth children, especially when its been a while since I've gotten an update on mine. It has nothing to do with Catelynn and Tyler as people, as I think they're the best ones on the show. And this might come off selfish, but its not meant to be, but its all about how it makes me feel and how I can handle it. And if I can't handle something then I don't think I should put myself in that situation and so I don't have to watch the show. I really didn't have to blog about why I'm not going to, but it just brought up feelings I wanted to get off my chest....

As for Maci, I don't think she's a bad person, per say, I just don't agree with everything she's done and all she's said to Ryan. I also don't agree with how Ryan handled things. And really that's all I meant by her being a reason why I didn't want to watch it any more.

But the main reason I think I need to stop is because of the adoption story lines. I hope that cleared things up and I hope if ya'll had questions you'd ask...I won't get upset or not be your friend anymore. Promise! I wrote that other blog really late so I might have left stuff out...sometimes my brain and fingers get out of sync.


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