Friday, January 7, 2011

I think....and other random things

I think I have a problem, I was looking over at the list of posts and noticed that I had written 40 in 2009, 141 in 2010, and well, 5 in 2011 (counting this post) and I had to delete a post from 2010 because I did not like the odd number, and I liked how it would just be a difference of 100. It's no secret that I like even numbers...but I think this is a little extreme, don't ya'll, bahahaha....anyways, I deleted a post that was dumb and stupid and had no relevance to my life right now, and so I figured it wouldn't even my goal for this year is to get 240, or 180...I think it's doable ;)

I'm kinda bummed today though, tomorrow is going to stink. But thank goodness it's only a month! The hubby will be on the mainland for a month for training. I think the time will fly like it has the last 2 times he's left. I'm feeling pretty good about the upcoming deployment. I think I'll be fine. I'm sure I'll have my days, but the last 2 times he's gone I've been perfectly fine. Although, those times he had his cell and could call every night, or almost every night. This time he will have his phone taken away, it'll be a lot like when he's deployed. So that will be good. I've kept telling myself that this training isn't just for the guys, but for the wives. And so far, I think I've done really well! But I owe that to my friends and the awesome FRG!