Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 3 of the challenge

Day 3 — Write a letter to: Your parents
We've had our ups and downs, but through it all, you've always been there for me. So thank you. I know I was a pain in the ass in middle school, and maybe even some of high school. And I know I've probably let ya'll down a few times, but I love you guys and will always love you guys. Thanks for everything.

Tell me: A song that makes you happy

This song is such an uplifting song, and has a great message, plus the video chokes me up a little....I love Katy Perry!

I want to know: Your favorite television program.

*images courtesy of and, collage made on*

(top row: Hawaii Five-0, Doogie Howser, MD, White Collar)
(middle row: Holly's World, Fairly Legal, Cougar Town)
(bottom row: General Hospital, Modern Family, Saved by the Bell)

Tell me Your idea of the perfect first date.
I'm gonna have to go with my first day weekend with the hubby...March 27-29, 2009
Friday - We went to Biba's Italian Restaurant in Soddy, then a movie, but I honestly can't remember which one, my memory SUCKS..
Saturday: Tennessee Aquarium and Downtown Chattanooga, we ate at Ruby Tuesdays downtown for lunch, I can't remember what else we did, as I said, my memory SUCKS....
Sunday: We went to church, and ate at Red Robin and stopped by Build-A-Bear, where he made me my panda bear, Artie (because the hubby is a Field Artillery Officer, hehe) before he had to head back home...

Us at the Aquarium
Artie back when he was all new and clean...
I should show you what he looks like after nearly 2 years, haha

Hands down, best date EVER!