Friday, May 7, 2010

Show Us Your Life - Baby Names

This weeks SUYL topic at Kelly's Korner is very exciting for me, I have dreamt of my children's names for YEARS, I have ones I wanted, but those are not going to be able to get used, as they aren't ones my husband likes. But I'll tell you ALL of them, and the ones we have picked out, for when we have kiddos, we aren't pregnant yet, and probably won't be for a while, but it's still fun to think about! :) Here is Kelly's post about her baby names, go back to it to link up and read around! I bet we'll all get some great ideas for names!

Girls Names

My first name is Sarah, it's a family name. I want to pass it on, so I've always said my first girl is going to be Sarah something...I have tons of middle names I liked, and wanted to use, but then I met my husband, and he wants to use Grace, Faith, Hope, Joy as middle names for girls. So, I don't like Sarah Grace alone, and I am all about double names, I came across Emmaline while watching Army Wives, and reading the Bridal Quartet by Nora Roberts, and FELL IN LOVE! So our first girl is going to be Sarah Emmaline Grace and we're going to call her Emmaline Grace. Now most of you know me, and most know my BEST FRIEND's name is Emily Grace, and I am in NO WAY taking her name, but I thought it would be neat to use her name, since we're so close! I can't even think of other girl names because I can't figure out what would be good with Faith, Hope, or Joy, but I'm sure if we need to figure something out, we will come up with something great!

Boys Names
So my husband's named after his father and his mom's brother who passed in infancy. William is a name we want to pass on, since it is a nice name, but we don't want to do a junior, even though I've always, secretly, loved the idea! So our first boy will be William, but we can't decide on a middle name. The husband wants to use William Robert and call him Billy Bob, but I've nixed that idea. NO WAY...the poor kid! Ha! We have PLENTY of time to come up with something. But I want to name my second boy James Alexander, that is the boys name I have always wanted to use, but I can wait. We might not have two boys, but if we do, I'm hoping to get James Alexander used!