Thursday, February 12, 2009

Good Day

So Heather asked if I had seen my son since he left the hospital and the answer is no. I have a semi-open adoption where I'll just get updates and be able to send presents and updates on myself, but no visits. I have mixed feelings about that, but that is for another blog completely. And yes, Heather, journaling has seemed to help a lot.

Today has been so much better than yesterday. I hate to think it is because I've met a guy, but I think it might be. I met a guy. Through a friend. He is pretty great and we have a lot in common. I'll blog about him later, I'm having dinner with my dad tonight and hanging out and even though he's going to be busy doing his taxes, or whatever, I'd rather not be on the computer. And I think dinner might be almost ready.

So today has been a great day. It feels great to say that. I love it! Funny story time: So on my way to outpatient at Valley I spilled coke in my lap. Luckily I was only a minute down the road from my house and only spilled a little. I didn't get upset, pissed off, angry or anything. I was so proud of myself, it did not ruin my morning or my day. So here is how I spilled the coke. I had the can of coke between my legs to open it, after I opened it I came to a stop sign and BAM it tipped back and POW all over my lap - hahaha

I'm so glad today was a good day and I'm so glad I've met this guy. We don't know what we are right now, but we're both ok with that. I'm so comfortable around him and it feels just so natural.

Love ya'll -

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