Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Why I'm Here

My BFF Emily suggested I start a blogspot to write my feelings down in. I just recently placed a son up for adoption. I'm not here to get attention and I'm not here to say I was wronged or I was completely innocent, because Lord knows I'm not. I'm here to share my story with others. In hopes that it will touch someone's life and help them make the right decision for their children, whether it is adoption or raising the child. I want to be someone who others can come to and say, hey I need help. And I want to say to them, hey I'm here for you.


camo ♥ customs said...

your a good person for being able to blog your feelings this way.i aplod you for that:)

Emily Grace :) said...

yayy for having a blogspot! I think it will help ya!

Mel Mel said...

ill add you to my blogs i read list