Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nov 17 & Some randomness

So when looking up what today's suggestion was something caught my eye, it was an article written to hopeful adoptive families, it was a guide for what to include in your letter to birth mothers. There was also a link to another article about what not to include in your letter, those were pretty informative, some of the suggestions I didn't agree with, but I figured I'd pass them along anyways, as they did touch on things I thought should be included and left out.

Nov 17
Email or call friends and family about upcoming adoption events. 

I have not been sleeping well lately. Right now as I type this it is almost 1am, and I'm WIDE awake, and I haven't had ANY caffeine, NONE...the last few nights it's been well after 1am when going to bed, which also means I'm not getting up in the morning until the afternoon. Which might be why I can't go to bed, but even if I take my meds at a reasonable time I'm still awake late, and when I go to lay down I toss and turn. I just don't get it. I wish I could sleep. At least go to bed at a decent hour. Oh well, hopefully I get back into a cycle.

I got shoes tonight, they're so pretty....they're going to look so great with my dress for the ball, and my jewelry! I'm just gonna give ya'll a sneak peek, I don't want to put pictures of my dress on here yet, but this is my shoes, and earrings, the necklace looks just like the earrings, that with red toe nails will look GREAT with my simple black dress!!! (The shoes are from Ross, $25!)

The ball is Dec. 3, I'll write about the ball later, I'm going to take my meds and lay down!