Monday, November 29, 2010

Spreading Holiday Cheer One Card at a Time

Growing up my grandfather would ALWAYS get us together and have us pose for Christmas photos. And each year he’d get them made, they’d send theirs, and he’d give us a bunch to send. Well, I think as the kids got older it got harder to do. And so we stopped, but I’ve always loved the idea of Christmas photo cards.

This year, I think I want to send our own. We’re going to a ball on Friday, and I think that might be the perfect chance to get a good picture of the two of us, and I just know the moms would love to have a picture of us all dolled up. My husband in his dress blues and I will be in a formal dress.

So when looking through the card selection on, I couldn’t pick one, I loved a lot of them, but finally I got my husband to help select one, and I think we finally found a card we both like. I’ll link to the ones we were looking at, but not tell you which one we’re getting, that might spoil the surprise for some! :)

I am also looking at the canvas wall art feature they have. Or maybe a calendar for the grandparents. is giving away 50 free Christmas Cards for Bloggers, go here and fill out their form!!