Friday, November 19, 2010

Read two books a month - Novembers Picks

Number 36 on my list is to read a new book a month. And I'm trying to read books I haven't read yet, to broaden my book horizons. Here are the other challenges I've put on myself about reading, I'm going to have to remove one of my challenges, as it is the same as this one, except not new books, and well, I think it might be cheating if I use it too, oh wait, I'm going to do it too, so I will be reading a new book a month, and then I can pick another book I've already read to read too....(sorry for the think writing, lol)
  1. Read 10 new books
  2. Read 50 new books
  3. Read 101 books
  4. Read a book every month 

This month's book is "The Phantom of the Opera" by Gaston Leroux, I got it free for the Kindle, it is my favorite Opera, and I LOVE the movie, the book so far is pretty good. It was a little hard to get into. But I'm chugging along, when I read! ha!

Anyways, I also had started a Nora Roberts book, so I will finish that one as well, it is from the "Bridal Quartet", it's the third book, "Savor the Moment," the last book is "Happy Ever After" and it is suppose to come out this month(her site says Nov 2,) and I will be picking it up, as I've read all the others in the Quartet, but after I finish the third book.

I LOVE to read an entire series, and I have almost read every book in Fern Michaels "Sisterhood Series," I thought I had one left but it turns out she has 2 more to release in 2010 and one already set to come out in 2011. I will be getting the next one soon, as I don't want to get too far behind, as she seems to write a lot of these and keeps coming out with more. As of right now, there are 20 books in this series, and I've read all but is her site, she is one of my favorite authors, along with Nora Roberts.

If anyone wants to buy me something for Christmas, you can get me "Deja Vu," which is Book 19 in the "Sisterhood Series," and will be released Dec 28, 2010! And "Home Free," which is the 20th book, is scheduled to release April 1, 2011, which would be a great "sorry your husband is deployed or going to deploy soon" gift ;)