Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nov 2 - Celebrating your Child's Heritage

Today's suggestion on the adoption.com calendar is to celebrate your adopted child's heritage. In a world full of technology this is fairly simple, if you know their heritage!

My son is part Italian, other than that I'm not too sure what his heritage is, so I'm going to use Italian as an example, and just google some things about the Italian heritage.

Let's start with Recipes, because Italian food is oh so yummy!

Italian Food Forever
Recipes Italian
Italian Home Recipes
Olive Garden Recipes
allrecipes.com - link to the Italian, but it has many other World Cuisines

Babylon - lots of other languages to choose from too!
Yahoo's Babelfish - same as Babylon, lots of languages!

Ask.com - this is the link for Italian History, but you can totally search for your heritage!
Italy's Wikipedia - I know it's not a source teachers like, but I think you can find some good stuff on there! And you can search for your heritage!
Life in Italy - A Brief History
Infoplease.com - a lot like the other links, you can search for your heritage!
Italiansrus.com - a list of Famous Italian's!

Amazon.com - Italian History
Amazon.com - Italian Children's Books -  Some in Italian and English
Amazon.com - Lit & Fiction
Amazon.com - Cooking, Food, Wine
Amazon.com - Children's: Fairy Tales, Folk Tales & Myths

So here is my list of things to talk to your Italian children about!! Hope it helps, and maybe you've learned something new!!



Adoptive Momma said...

You're awesome!

Amanda said...

aw shucks, you are awesome too! Even if you aren't feeling well ;) Hope you feel better!!

Adoptive Momma said...

I"m back on my feet!