Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day and something pretty big

So today is Veterans Day, and I just want to take a minute and thank those who have served, who serve, and those who gave their lives. Especially to my grandfather and husband.

Now I want to give ya'll a heads up, I am going to have a guest blogger. I got an email from this lady, Kristen Davis, in all my excitement and shear shock I forgot to ask where she is from, what site she's with or what. But she writes about women's health issues, and I gave her some background on what type of reader I want to reach, and what kind of reader I actually have, and she is going to write an article that speaks to, hopefully, all my readers. Be on the lookout in the next few days. She said she would have it emailed to me by tomorrow, so depending on when she gets it sent I might put it up tomorrow or Saturday. Either way, this is something that is new to me, and I'm hoping will be something I do often. 

I started this blog for myself, but then got to thinking that there might be girls who get themselves in situations like I did, who need guidance and help and support, and that is what I have tried to do here, and will continue to try to do.

I also want to talk about another email I got, it was from an adoptive mom who wanted to bounce some questions and such off me about her situation with their birth mom. I'm so honored that she felt comfortable with coming to me, and I just want to put it out there that if you have ANY questions, comments or concerns, PLEASE email me or leave a comment. I try to respond to all comments, and I really have no excuses for not, since I don't get that many right now. So I just want to thank this adoptive mom for feeling like it was something she could email me about, and to let everyone else know that it would be a great joy to answer questions, and I might not know all the answers, and what I have to say might not be what you wanted, but I'll answer and give my opinion to the best of my ability. My email address is located on a page, at the top of my blog, and if you would like me to email you, then leave your email as a comment and I'll get back to as soon as I can.


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