Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nov 3 & A Dream

Today's idea is to ask your local libraries and book stores to feature adoption books all month, I really have no ideas or ways to do it, except just go in and say "hey it's adoption awareness month, could you pull some adoption books and set up a special display" HA!

But I do have something to share, a dream I had last night, well, more like this morning since it was the dream I was having when I was woken up by my dang alarm, ha!

I'm not sure where I was or why I was there, in the dream. But for some reason my son and his adoptive parents were there. And he came up to me, and had a bucket full of halloween candy and he asked me if he could eat a piece, I told him he needed to ask his parents, and when I tried to take him to them he cried, and wouldn't go. When they walked over to see what was going on I told them, and they let him have a piece. They then allowed us to spend some time together, and hang out. Right before I woke up though, I remember him hugging my neck so tight and not wanting to let go, it was like he knew who I was. I woke up in a really good mood, but I also hit snooze to try and get back to that moment.....


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